Wow, what a great start to 2021 A channel i have been subb’ed to for a long time did her first LIVE show today There was an awesome turnout, and much appreciation for the chat from the 100+ who were part of the text chat Full 100% thumb-ratio & many Super Chats, so cool to watch Even though I’ve been subbed for a while I learned a ton more about the channel and the situation on Connecticut from the hour of LIVE chat and Q&A So I zapped $5 over via YouTube, along with a bunch of other folks who enjoyed the first LIVE chat of 2021 Great start to the year, witnessing a new group of viewers experiencing a gun-content creator hosting her first LIVE chat and everyone discovering they all enjoyed it We have so much potential with good people using the tools of technology to break down difficulties in understanding And offering a true insight to our full experience as gun owners 32icon on YouTube Check it out

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