Why? We are not in a vacuum Why This? – There are many important things on the table right now besides gun issues Why Now? – They choose this time, this method for more than one reason Why get upset (again)? – How does your (our communities) reflexive, consistent reaction to their attacks help them? Why not give up? Are we in a battle or a war? – Grow your knowledge – Gain more skills – Expand your reactions from simple relfex & frustration Why not be frustrated? – Quit listening to folks who have done nothing in the past besides profit from observation of our 2A battles – Support the ladies (& dudes) that continue to change the future of 2A – Their work is new, innovative and interesting too Why E.O.s? – Come on Man – Executive Orders are the last option when they know the scales are moving in our direction Why me (you, I mean)? – We got to this point through hard work of us regular individuals, (mostly ladies lately) not just memberships, lawsuits or lobbying although those have helped too Why pay attention? – watch who has the loudest voices with their hands out now vs. who has been putting in work consistently – the exploiters can only profit from folks who don’t look at the details Why not leave a comment?

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