We are offered more challenges than we might want, but never more than we can rise to Trying to make sense of what I am hearing on the “news” this morning I can tell you the radio station in Tucson lost any respect I might have had for it or the idiots on the mic We are offered more challenges than we want, but not more than we can deal with How we react is our decision Attempting to keep ahead of discouragement, apathy and distrust is the REAL challenge we each will be faced with You are not alone, and this is not our first rodeo Look for those sharing, those standing on solid foundations, examine their situations And then get active for yourself & family, and for the good of the rest of the community You will inspire others as you learn With experience comes understanding & your direction become clear It will not be easy at first Nothing is easy at first Learn, Act, Share Teamwork = Together we Each Accomplish More @GunWebsites #GunWebsites

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