The first Medals of Honor were presented on March 25, 1863 and to commemorate this date and all Medal of Honor recipients, Congress declared March 25th as National Medal of Honor Day On this National Medal of Honor Day, we remember the courage and selfless sacrifice of those incredible individuals There are 3,508 Medal of Honor recipients and 27 are Medal of Honor recipients who served as U.S Army Special Forces The @GreenBeretFoundation is a proud partner of the @MOHMuseum De Oppresso Liber 🇺🇸 #specialforces #greenberets #medalofhonor #medalofhonorday #queitprofessionals #vietnam #afghanistan #somolia #deoppressoliber @thefirstmedals @cmohfoundation @usasocpao @1stsfcommand @deptofdefense @usarmy

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