So.. i am “that guy” Who will call out disrespect for the US Flag when I see it pop up casually in the feed Yea a few times the disrespectful person got argumentative And I’ve been blocked by at least a few channels you prob watch, for calling out disrespect but I’ll keep doing it It’s a free country, and anyone is free to do as they please with old glory, or course.. all i do is let them know ‘what they are doing is lame’ I am more often thanked for the information than I am scolded for nagging Let me know where you stand Who cares? Its just a flag Or you understand the respect? Even if it is just a flag Let’s get this going & over with BEFORE the day of memorial My goal is to inform a few folks before they mindlessly .. wad up a flag, throw it on the ground, wing their stupid things on it, and snap a Memorial Day photo… to ‘honor” those who have fallen Some people care more than you might want to imagine, about that cloth and all the people it represents Thank you

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