Rex Applegate June 21, 1914 – July 14, 1998 American military officer worked for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II 1941 – developing armed and unarmed close quarter combat courses for the US Army served as the personal bodyguard to President Franklin D Roosevelt advisor to the government of Mexico “Honorary General” Tought John Wayne how to shoot technical advisor on the set of The Alamo Applegate was said to be the source and inspiration for several of Ian Fleming’s characters in the James Bond novels 1943 he wrote Kill or Get Killed a classic manual of Western-style hand-to-hand combat 1976 Kill or Get Killed was published by the US Marine Corps as Fleet Marine Force Reference Publication 12-80 1941 Applegate-Fairbairn fighting knife 1993 – Combat Use of the Double-Edged Fighting Knife #RexApplegate #KillOrGetKilled #KnifeFighting #2AHistory #2AHistoryProject #GunHistory #FirearmsHistory #GunCalendar #FirearmHistoryCalendar @ShootersAlamnac #ShootersAlmanac another 2A History project from @GunWebsites #GunWebsites

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