Old West Playing Card Deck, featuring information on 52 unique Firearms from the Old West. 52 Cards & 2 Jokers Each card will have information about a unique firearm from the Old West with Color Images, Dates & Info Spades = Rifles Hearts = Revolvers Clubs = Shotguns & Rimfire Diamonds = Derringers & Pocket Pistols Grab a Couple of Decks for better card games & magic tricks Link on our profile page @GearWebsites Often copied = Never equaled @GunWebsites #GunWebsites #Rifle #Revolvers #Shotgun #Derringers #PocketPistol #PlayingCards #GunPlayingCards #GiftIdea #GiftsForGunPeople Available ‘in Store’ at the finest Gun Shops & Surplus Stores @azfirearms @tmillerhello @bmctactical @billingsarmynavy @copper_star_indoor_range @hahnsurplus

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