July 7, 1989 Semiautomatic Rifle Import Ban (1989) stopped import of ‘assault style’ rifles President George H.W. Bush signs a ban on the importation of semi-automatic assault weapons six months after a murderer armed with a Chinese-made AKM (AK47) killed six children at a Stockton, California school There was more to it that that, but that is how it was sold Criminal does a horrible thing, amd the law abiding must pay for that.. with some more infringement The cycle was broken, look at the pendulum swings of history, NOT only the events or anniversaries Learn FROM history, don’t just learn the facts that make up our history Be wary of those who use insights & glimpses of our past to sell you on products, memberships or actions today @GunWebsites #GunWebsites #GunLaws #GunTyrany #GunInfo #DumbLaws #Guns #GunLaw #GunBan #ImportBan #ImportedGunBan We attept to record Daily Firearms History at @ShootersAlmanac #ShootersAlamanac

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