2A Chat Battle today Fight with 2A Knowledge & Online Skills in a no-holds bared, virtual bloodsport of 2A awareness They shit us down last nightx so we are back today at 5pm EST (2pm PST) Pick a team, join in and play Compete against the other team in over 25 matches 2A Battles include: – Gun & 2A Trivia – Feats of Skill – Accomplishing tasks – Working together to win Benifits include: – Winning (or learning how to loose with class) – Better food when you go to restaurants (they know a 2A Chat Battle winner when they see one) – Promotions at work – Clearer skin & healthy weight loss (assuming you also eat well & exercise) Bring your brains and have some fun Pick your team Team @DailyGunShow or Team @GunWebsites #TacticalQuiz @TacticalQuiz

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