Way back in 2008, we decided to join this place that let you post video files on their website, and you could share those video files with other people, and they can watch and listen to them from their compuer, with just an internet browser! That was a new thing and over time the service became really useful and the place even became an important platform for discussion and networking Our Gun Community seem to prosper for many years until 2013 when the entire Gun Community would be challenged to defend our rights that are defended by the Second Amendment As the ‘big’ YouTube channels grew in 2014 and money began to influence who decided to pick up a camera and then cash would decide what cameras would be pointed at… things started to change by 2016 YouTube proved it would no longer be a great platform for 2A going forward Actions from YT against firearm subjects and channels focused on gun topics fueled the decline Then later YT decisions to pull down features of their software made YouTube less and less useful or attractive for community Now, YouTube is just big .. and that is what it is It has a few good tools, but few people use those anymore The next platforms will undoubtedly learn from the mistakes made by the YouTube company and the situations created by their policies and their technology We will be on those next platforms Talking about rights protected by our 2nd Amendment Thank You for participating with our projects for 12 years on the You Tube platform So many videos So many years So many friends Also policy changes Also annonymous platform trolls Also money hungry loosers Also posers Also international copyright claims Also stupid trends & challenge vids But still prob more positive than negative overall #GunWebsites @GunWebsites

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