National Firearms Act NFA June 26, 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt hoped this act would eliminate automatic-fire weapons like machine guns from organized crime (created by prohibition) off of America’s streets Other firearms such as short-barreled shotguns and rifles, gun parts like silencers, as well as other “gadget-type” firearms hidden in canes and wallets were also targeted All gun sales and gun manufacturers were inposed with a $200 tax on each firearm (This was during the Great Depression; so, that would be a tax of $2,500+ today) All buyers were required to fill out paperwork subject to Treasury Dept approval #RepealTheNFA #RepealTheHughes #GunLaws #2AHistory #2AHistoryProject #GunHistory #FirearmsHistory #GunCalendar #FirearmHistoryCalendar @ShootersAlamnac #ShootersAlmanac another 2A History project from @GunWebsites #GunWebsites

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