My interest in guns spans the mechanisms, materials, reasons for invention, effect on society & our culture My interest uncovered history and the people who invented and built them Later my pursuit of the whole story of guns brought me to firearm training and the rich history of the development of gunfighting & our instructors I found myself immersed in the firearm industry and attending event around the country throught the year was a passion for years and allowed me to discover mire facets & branches of our community All this time I attempted to share what I discovered First on websites, then forums, the first social platforms were next followed by digital video posted online, which was quickly followed by streaming and now shared conference calls All the while we have attempted to utilize the resources available to us to build cummumities of active folks of all ages, backgrounds, interests & locations At some point (2015) the cycles became obvious, so I sought out answers & others seeking solutions I found some, focused on education & awareness, I learned & participated in many efforts, created some and often failed I still like guns I like guns more than cars, more than computers, more than watching TV What I like most about guns is that I am able to continue to find new ways to learn about & enjoy them & the folks who share these interests Never stop exploring new stuff at Gun Shops, Gun Shows and in conversations about guns So, what do you lije best about guns? #TacticalQuiz @TacticalQuiz ・・・ 13 days later, they still think it’s a SNS #ZamakLife #ZAMAK #SNS #SaturdayNightSpecial #AllGunsMatter @GunWebsites #GunWebsites

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