At a time when we have the most potential for achievement of some of our actionable goals … we are also offered opportunity to focus on division & distraction So, our challenge continues to stay focused, while keeping our eyes on the real fight Much has changed for the positive in the last three years for 2A activism Yet, many want us to stop and focus on the remaining division or disagreement At a time when we have two ATF Comment periods to deal with as well as an ATF Nomination to address with our representatives When we could use bridges and support, we are offered a spotlight on our divisions And.. we need to accomplish what we do next, in a way that sets an example for the next generations, lets not forget that I dont have answers, maps or a guided path But, I can see the pitfalls set out for us by distractors and profiteers along our route One of the challenges of any activist is to determine when to fight & when to talk about it Great time to be a 2A Activist I encourage you to support those who have achieved so much already & are changing the face of gun owners in 2021

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