Let’s Get this One Solved in 30 Minutes or Less, GUARENTEED – DGS # 1,239 on YouTube

Let’s Get this One Solved in 30 Minutes or Less, GUARENTEED – DGS # 1,239

Daily Gun Show
Just because no one has changed 2A, does that mean it can’t happen?
How many people currently changing 2A can you name?

Daily Bullet – Steve Felano – 2ANYS


Fighting for 2A Civil Rights in NYS and Beyond
2ANYS is New York State’s premier civilian rearmament enterprise securing maximal Second Amendment civil rights by, with, and through The People. At the tip of the spear in the fight against progressive gun control, their innovative strategies expand non-compliance with, and non-enforcement and repeal of, Albany’s imperial disarmament

Palo Alto City Council DEMANDS More Gun Control – Dublin 2.0

Fireside Chats 156: Bella & Sophia – The Super Sisters ATF Solvent Trap Raid?

1 million Form 1s
4 million?

EXPLAINED: ATF Letter Regarding Pistol Braces
Jared’s video explanation

The Cameras We Use
CloverTac Podcast STUDIO #131

Micro Bugout Kit?

Hank Strange & John Crump were LIVE

3 TED Talks –
Breaking the Media’s Desensitization Cycle = Garbage
Breaking the News Cycle = Junk

News Anxiety: 10 Skills to Manage Anxiety when the News

Our brains designed to see danger & warnings of danger
Our triggered response to a warning

= The WORLD is safer now than ever (every metric)
but .. who can accept that? who focuses about that?

The Octagon

The You Tube feed offered me a NEW gun-fraud, rip-off
Are these created to waste our time?