Battle Chat Wednesday – Chat Battle III – Daily Gun Show #1,268 on YouTube

Battle Chat Wednesday – Chat Battle III – Daily Gun Show #1,268

Daily Gun Show
Are you ready for what ‘they’ said couldn’t be repeated?
We are repeating it TONIGHT and it’s going to be LIVE (again)

Put the old people and babies to sleep and great ready to 2A Chat Battle to the Death for amazing rewards

Pro Tip:
the Battle has already begun, have you?



Team DailyGunShow

tonight at Midnight EST on two youtube channels
you pick your team, and join in

Step One:
Join one room (only one room) and that is your team

Step Two: Get ready to Chat Battle

– Pick your Team Captain before the Battle starts
(25 points for each team with a captain before the battle starts)
Captain picked During the battle = (10 points)
Unanimous votes only, so figure out a way to agree on your captains before the battle

– Pick a Team Name, before the battle starts (25 points)
During the battle (10 points)

– Most Thumbs Up when we start (5 points)

– Fewest people on the team (15 points)

– How many videos did your team post today? ( 5 point per video)

– Post something with our 2A Playing card (any deck) today on any platform that isn’t Facebook
(10 points for each team player who posts today before the battle)

Step Three: Battle the other chat using your 2A skills & knowledge of Gun Culture

Step Four: Win (or Lose)

Either way, you will be a veteran of 2A Chat Battle III
the most authentic method of proving you are more 2A than other people

Step Five: Profit

Get ready for promotions at work, better grades, improved love lives and less taxes


From the Creators of the Firearm Inventors Playing Card decks

And coming soon..

2A Overwatch

the most epic 2A experience

Pat C. said – “Chat battle is all I look forward to each week, my online time, now has a real purpose”

T.Nixman posted on IG – “Chat Battle saved my job & my marriage”