Amazing 2A in Texas Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the 10+ hour LIVE coverage of the Texas State Senate testimony hearings of 170 people (both for & against TX Constitutional Carry) We got to see a dude speak (Red Coconut) and then he showed up to participate in the LIVE coverage too You can link to his channel from our YouTube page, or search ‘Red Coconut’ We had the chance to watch REAL 2A activists yesterday Many Texans waited over 5 hours & some up to 10 hours.. to voice their opinions (and they kept bringing up NEW good points hours after hour) It was cool to see over 300 folks from around the country joining in to learn, observe & support each other Recharged my 2A battery for sure Anytime folks tell you we are loosing the 2A battle, just know they are stupid or trying to profit off ignorance Support REAL 2A Thank you #RedCoconut for being there Thank you @CloverTac for killing your channel numbers to host & archive a 10+ hour marathon of Texas 2A We ALL know who will take credit for what happened yesterday in Texas 300 of us know WHO really did all the work inTexas yesterday .orgs are great Real people are crucial We have both on our side #Texas2A #TexasFreedom #TexasConcealedCarry @CloverTac #CloverTac

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